How to Make Strong Password?

Who does not know about password? Now a day’s password is an essential part and parcel of our life. All of us are memorizing many passwords like emails, facebook, credit cards, website etc. etc. if you count it can be more than 20 at least.  For security reason, you should use strong password. Still some of us do not want to understand the importance of strong password but I can explain you the importance.

Why your password is so important

May be you are not an important person like Bill Gates at all but your password is very much important, surprised right? Ok let me explain why it is so important, just keep reading-

  1. Hackers are not hacking your email or social account only to blackmail you. They have other uses like doing some crime also. Moreover an organic real social account is valuable than making hundreds of fake accounts.
  2. Hacking an email account opens thousand of door to hackers. They find lot of website access that you have registered like not only financial but also other sites. Hackers can get control over those sites.
  3. You can have valuable documents attached with your email. Hackers can misuse that. Even they can do any crime with that docs.
  4. Your email access can give hacker direct access to your virtual drives where you may store your personal sensitive photos what you don’t want to share public.

By reading above hope you understand why you need to make strong password. Just think, tech giants are spending billions of dollars to secure their stuff. Are they fool? Really not. They are more smarter than us for sure.

How to Make Strong Password?

Security is everywhere

Follow 12 rules to make your password strong

  1. Do not use your name, mobile number, date of birth, age, spouse name, pet name, favorite color, song lyrics or addresses. These are very easy assumption for not only hackers but people around you can guess and hack your accounts.
  2. Never use any dictionary word of any language. This is first choice of hacker to break security.
  3. Do not use same password to all your accounts. Use different password for different site.
  4. Do not use any password that you have already used before.
  5. Never let your browser to remember your password. Remember it by yourself.
  6. Password and P@ssword are of same strength, never use this type of passwords.
  7. Never login to other computer if need to login please clear cookies just after logout.
  8. Do not use unsecured Wi-Fi connection. They can have log of every key stroke that you made.
  9. Your password is your own property; never share it to other. If needed so just change immediately.
  10. Change your password regularly, at least once in a month.
  11. Never write your password in a sticky paper or else.
  12. Use 2FA security process where it is available.

How to make Strong password

  1. Use long password; it is better if you can use 8-10 character passwords.
  2. Mix small letter (a-z), capital letter (A-Z), digits (0-9) and special characters like!@#$%^&*() to make your password strong.
  3. Change your password regularly.

Moreover, you can use password manager to generate strong password for you. If you search google you can find many of them.

Tricky Tips to create strong password

Use a sentence and take only first alphabet from each word and add some special character in front, middle and end.  It can be a very strong password for you. Let me give you an example-

Think about this sentence-“This is my April password for google email account”. Now take only first letter of each word- “TimApfgea”. Add some special character then see how strong it looks like. May be it looks like “$Tim%Apfgea!”


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