How to get Backlinks-10 Easiest way to build backlinks

Hello reader, as you are here so I am pretty much sure that you have registered your new domain recently and already that is live. Now you are learning SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization basics. The importance of Backlink is also clear to you and you want to know how to get Backlinks for your newborn website.

Still I will give you the definition of Backlink to make you clearer: Backlink is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to your one. It is like a virtual reference for your website. Now you should know about types of backlink. There are two types of backlink-

  • Do-Follow backlink
  • No-Follow backlink

Do-Follow backlinks are those which refer your site and link juice can pass through it. It supports your website and instruct search engine to follow. It is strong and has impact on search engine rating.

No-Follow backlinks are those which do not refer your site and link juice cannot pass through it but it will increase your visitor. It does not have any impact on search engine rating.

Search engine count only Do-Follow backlinks. Backlinks from Higher DA rating site will increase your DA rating point as well.

This is how to define backlinks

10 easiest ways: How to get backlinks

Not only for newbie even for experienced SEO specialists, Building backlinks are too much challenging. Here i will give you 10 easiest way to build backlink for your new site-

  1. Find some question and answering website from where you can get quality backlink for your site. Find your blog related questions and answer it properly and end of your answer you can share your website link for detail. Be careful, your answer, question and your link all should be related. can be a good question-answering website for you.
  2. Guest Blogging is another way to have quality backlink. There are many blogging website who allow guest blogger to write. In return they will give you quality backlink.
  3. Profile making can be another way to have quality backlink. Find those sites who are taking url for profile building.
  4. Backlink Interchange can be a method of building for you. There are too many site owner who are looking for backlinks. Find them by searching web and request them to interchange but make sure you can get blog related backlinks from them.
  5. You can make comment to your content related blog where there is an option of website link. It is an old method but still it is working fine.
  6. Internal linking is very important. Make proper internal linking to your own blog.
  7. Newspaper backlinks are very strong. Find a friend who is working as journalist and request him to cover your blog online news portal.
  8. Write quality content. It is said that content is the king. It will build backlink automatically for you.
  9. Prepare an eBook and publish it to amazon, you can get a vary high quality backlink from there.
  10. Check your competitors backlinks, if you find any broken link you can send a request email to linking website to replace that link with your one.

Tricky Tips for building backlinks

  1. You will not get benefit if you get backlink from lower DA sites than you.
  2. Do not get too many backlinks from same site.
  3. Do not get backlinks from your own sites.
  4. Do not buy backlinks; it will not give you any benefits.
  5. Do not hurry; stay calm success is waiting for you.

Check how many backlinks you have?

There is a very simple way to check how many backlinks you have for your website. There are too many websites who can check for your but most popular and trust worthy site is ahrefs. Click this link to check your website backlinks. it will show you domain rating as well.

Remember my dear friend, Backlink are individual page basis not for your website. So, you can work for a single page to rank it.

Dear reader, SEO methods, tips and tricks are updating day by day. You should keep you updated each and every second otherwise your page rating will go down.

Keep yourself attached with our site, may be you will get some more tricky tips for getting backlinks.


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