How to download Facebook video?

Hello guys, very often you are looking how to download Facebook video as Facebook does not support any download option from its apps or website.But still i have solution for you. Today in my Tricky Tips blog I will let you know the process. Keep reading below

You can download videos from Facebook in simple three steps only.

Lets see how to download Facebook video

Step One

Copy the link of your desired video and go to and paste your link there and click download.

How to download facebook video

go to and paste your link there

Step Two

Follow to the next page select quality of your video like hd, Normal or Audio only.

How to download Facebook video

Choose your video quality

Step Three

To the next page right click on your video and click save video as to your desired location.

How to download facebook video

right click and save as your video

Now go to your file saving location and play your video. Hope you understand. This is how to download Facebook video .

There are also some other websites where they are offering same service, you can download from there also, but I found this website very much useful and easy way to download.

Tricky Tips for Facebook mobile app

Now i will give you BONUS tricky tips for Facebook mobile app. Many of your are facing video auto play while browsing over Facebook over mobile phone which is really bothering. I will show you here how to stop  video auto play while browsing. This is very easy and it also only three steps away from you. Let see how it works-

  1. Go to Settings from Settings & Privacy menu.
  2. Go to Media & Contract and select Auto play option from there.
  3. Now tick on Never Auto play Videos

This is all done. Your videos will not play automatically from now onward.

Hope two of my above trick will make your life more easier, Stay tuned with us for more tricky tips.


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