Tricky-Tips to get free Google drive space in a moment?

Hello readers, we are using different cloud drive like dropbox, google drive or one drive. But all of them are giving limited free space individual use. Google drive is giving 15 GB against one email address, we can use that space for emails, photos and documents storage but this space is not enough if you are uploading photos continuously from your android mobile phone…… What is the solution? Is there any? Yes! I found one solution over internet it can help us to resolve this issue. Here is the tricky-tips to get free Google drive space in a moment.

Just Follow below steps to get free Google drive space

  • Step one: Visit this site.
  • Step Two: Give your share drive name
  • Step Three: Give your email address.
  • Step Four: Select a university name.
  • Step Five: Fill captcha and click on Get! Button

You are done. A shared free Google drive space has been added to your existing Google drive account. Login to your Google drive and check. You will find a shared drive attached in your account.

How it is given to you

You know if you need more than 15 GB storage space from Google, you have to pay monthly or yearly basis to Google. Here is the tariff plan for you. Then how you able to get this free storage from Google? I am explaining it to you here, no issue.

Google is giving unlimited storage to some universities for educational purpose; those universities are sharing their spaces with you. There is nothing rocket science. It is a sharing drive for you.

Is this secured and lifelong?

Yes it is lifelong. But who knows about security? As it is shared drive someone must have access to view all your files and folders. So, it is better not store any personal or important documents there. But you can store all you software’s, movies or other things without any worry.

So, guys get free Google drive space and enjoy!

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