Best free keyword research tools that you must use in 2020

Hey there! I think you already started studying Search Engine Optimization, what are keywords and other important things. You are in a stage of knowing basic idea of keyword research and searching for best free keyword research tools over internet. Yes! You are in right place to find it. I will help you to know that here in my blog.

First know the definition of keyword research

Keyword research is a process by which you will find out and analyze search items or word phrases that people use to search in search engine to achieve their specific results.

So friends, it is a process and you need to develop it by you self and obviously need to have some special tools that may help you to build up your own process. Please spend your quality time to find out exact keyword for your page.

If you write your blog without having keyword research it will be only waste of time you will not have any visitor in our site for sure. You have to match up those keywords on your website as per your customer web searches.

How to complete keyword research

I told you before it is a process, surely you have to maintain some steps to complete it. I am giving you some steps here that you can follow for successful keyword research.

  1. First of all study you niche, what your website is for and how you want to optimize it to your customer.
  2. Know your target customer, what they want and what their behavior is.
  3. Now define your goals.
  4. Make a list of website that is also in same niches like you; find their keywords, backlinks etc.
  5. Use keyword research tools to find out exact keyword for you. Prefer long tail keyword for best performance.
  6. Read all other competitors content very carefully –take time don’t make hurry.
  7. Now you are ready for your write up, write your blog.

Best free keyword research tools

You will find many keyword research tools over internet. But the question is which is best fit for you. Don’t worry I will share Six best free keyword research tools for you. Here you go-

  1. Google Keyword Planner.
  2. Google Trend.
  3. Google search Console.
  4. Google Analytics.
  5. Keywordseverywhere
  6. Linkmio

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the most popular keyword research tools that you may find over internet and it is totally free for all. As it is from google; data that you find from here is more authentic than other sources. You can find average monthly search volume, competition, bid range and competition index value of your keywords.

Most important thing is you can find your keywords by location here, it will help you most if you have local target customer.

Google Trends

This is another keyword research tools from google. Like google keyword planner it is also free. If you want to find trendy topic of this time there is no other alternative. But remember this trendy keyword have high competition, so having good rank will be very difficult.

Google Search Console

This is another service google is giving you free. Google search console will not give direct support for keyword research but have good impact over your keyword research.

You must submit your sitemap to google search console to index all your pages otherwise your site will not appear in google search.

You can see your keyword performance here. It will show your keyword behaviors and help you to perform keyword research.

Google Analytics

It is also free tools that google is offering. It does not have direct impact also on keyword analysis but it is a must use tool that you need to have. From here you can see your visitor behavior and other things. It will also help you to research keywords.

Keywordseverywhere is a paid tool but you can take free services from here too. You must install the extension to your google chrome and search over google. This extension will show you related keywords and people also search for.

Linkmio is also a paid service but still you can use it for free. Just go to the website submit your desired keyword. It will show you some keyword analysis.

Tricky-tips for Keyword research

  1. Always choose long tail keywords for your niche.
  2. Choose keywords that have low competition.
  3. Read other competitors blog very carefully.
  4. Write a blog that is more informative than your competitor.
  5. Find pages that have good organic traffic but no/less backlinks.

Keyword analysis is the first step of search engine optimization but this is not the end only starting of your journey. Backlink is another most vital part of your SEO journey. If you want to know 10 easiest way to build backlinks go through the link, for newbie it will help most.

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